lesson plans

Daily Lesson Plans



Teacher Name: Kathy Looper                    

  Courses: Personal information, Reading, Science,

History, Daily Living. and Math



Day and Date

January 16-19, 2018

Objectives and Standards

Students will become independent as they possibly can. Students will learn daily vocabulary words that are used in English/reading.  In Social Studies we will be studying the States of Kentucky.and Tennessee in Social States.  In Daily Living, we will study words from menus. l work on recognizing food words you would see in cooking and at the grocery stores.We are working on survival words also..Math we are learning about looking at a menu and finding the price of the items and using a calculator to come up with a total.,( addition ,and subtraction) Reading we are working on books from the Library and studying our sight word list.  from reading A-z at different levels. Kindergarten and first-grade level some second-grade level stories read over smartboard activities.                                                                                                                                 

Essential questions;1. What is our daily information and calendar information,  What are the food words for the week?  

2. Using the calculator to do menu math and putting decimals points in on the calculator and on the answer. We are also working on money identifying and telling how much it is worth. Identify coins and add up the amount.

3.   Science -weather-discuss weather of the season. We will be studying the book on Snow and Snowflakes. from Reading A-Z. Continue with seasonal books. we are going to start discussing what animals do in the winter and read about environments and what it means to hibernate. Arctic animals and climates.

4. Daily Living- Menu.  We will discuss that we will be working on words from menus.  We will make mitten cookies after we read the book THE MITTEN.   We will make snowflake cookies in January.

5.Social Studies- Kentucky and Tennessee.


  1. Daily Living-Learn to pick up after ourselves and help one another. Cook cookies.
  1. Basic Sight Vocabulary for Reading Assessments.
  2. Spelling test /sight vocabulary test. 
  3. We will work in centers as needed.
  4. Social Studies –Kentucky and Tennessee.
  5. Science- Winter environments and what it means to hibernate.
  6. Review money and amounts. play smartboard game.
  7. Review sight words and sentences.

Arkansas Standards. Acquire and use words appropriately and grade-appropriate as possible.

W.7.1 Students use words, phrases, and clauses to create cohesion and clarify the relationships among claims, reasons, and evidence.

W.7.3 use precise words and phrases, relevant descriptive details, and sensory language to capture the action and convey experiences and events.

Draw evidence from information to figure out what they are reading and how to make items appropriately.

Math- Work on Menu and Market Math as well as discuss Money and its value. 



Success Statement

I can answer the above essential questions and become independent as I grow and learn. I Can improve my reading by practice reading and be improving my sight vocabulary.



Class work, independent oral questions, grades, and classroom observation of daily life. We have bi-weekly spelling and sight vocabulary test. Did we make cookies, candies, and cakes for a daily living?Were they edible? Where the students on recognizing money and what the amount is worth? 


I am using the Reading A-Z program, ABC Mouse program, Vocabulary A-Z, PCI Reading program,  Functional word series Grocery Words Various workbooks for Math place value and dollars and cents, Menu Math. Smartboard, Computer, and youtube information, also Library as necessary. Reading A-z. Vocabulary A-Z , and teacher’s individual books. I am also using a whiteboard to practice copying sentences off the board. We will use a smart board for various activities.

Instructional Strategies

Warm-Up (bell ringer): Calendar information on board. We wait until our students finish with breakfast. Reading students go over daily information before it is discussed and see if the calendar information needs changing or not. I do not always change it specifically for this purpose. Daily Living/ Students Will review daily living words and see if they recognize them. Chores/ clean desk pick up trash etc…,

Science/  We will be working on Studying weather about winter and how cold does it have to be to snow?

 Assessments -I am giving Sight words and a spelling test bi-weekly.*****

We are working on sentences- What makes a sentence and how to write a sentence.

New words will be added as necessary and I will make students write spelling words ten times and help them to make sentences with spelling words. We will write in our daily journals at least once daily. Discuss upcoming Holidays and make a January word wall.

## Have students read in spare time to a classroom assistant.

In centers work on writing and studying about different types of sentences as well as What you should capitalize.

Model: Teacher Models how to go over calendar information on Monday and as necessary.  Students will lead in pledge daily.Students then take turns modeling throughout the day and week answering these questions.  Teacher models the information as needed and then assists students to be instructors as well. Examples of the math problems will be on the board.  Using a calculator students will read a menu worksheet and figure out what the total will be. We will be studying basic sight vocabulary words. Direction words on how to bake various cooking assignments.



Guided Practice/Strategies: Teacher guides students through the process of asking the class what the daily information is. Teacher-led over various subjects daily. Help students with sight vocabulary, daily send Homework home for them to practice words they had missed from the previous week. Students will be guided on how to make different recipes. The cooking activities are modeled and will be hand over hand assistance as needed. Math lessons on Menu math are guided due to students not understanding how to look up two different items and use a calculator to add them together.



Independent Practice:  Students will practice throughout the week on daily information. To gain independent knowledge of daily information. Grades will be given for participation and for individual achievement. A book with what work will be in the classroom with Lesson plans, and as units and reading material changes the information will be changed.  A New lesson will be done. Students pair up and ask each other sight words.  

Students will practice making sentences and writing them down.


Study about the landforms and make sentences about the various states in the U.S. .

Closing: Today we went over the following items or things. Calendar, daily living, Science-weather and Social StudiesFacts about weather environments and hibernation, and landforms in the United States.  Math we have found the total of menu word math problems.Daily Living- review menu words. Money recognition amounts and adding coins together.

Additional Practice (homework): Basic sight words will be sent home. The test will be done weekly.

Make cookies, study menu words

****New Spelling words this week.


Interdisciplinary Items Included

In our morning work we discuss Science questions as well as daily living. 

Social Studies we will discuss landforms vocabulary.

In daily living, we go over words and students practice reading skills as well as writing. We will discuss menu words and personal information.

Estimated Time for Unit

Weekly lesson plans will vary with needs of the students. It usually takes more than two weeks to finish everything depending if they study.

Additional Notes

I will also incorporate centers for Math and reading.  We will look up and do various smartboard activities.  Videos from youtube dealing with different subject matters. We have added smartboard activities on A,B, C, Mouse for lower levels and read 180 for advanced level students.