Social Studies

Day and Date

February 26-March 2, March 5-9, 2018

Essential Question

Can you identify cultural differences and religions of the Central America & the Caribbean?

Objectives and Standards

WST.1.7.2  Construct geographic representations for the purpose of asking and answering specific geographic questions.

Success Statement

I can explain cultural differences.

I can identify most common religion and where most people live in the Central America & the Caribbean



Teacher Made Quiz

Google Classroom


History Book, Social Studies journal, previous notes, computer, Smartboard, and internet resources (Ency of AR), Freedom Powerpoint, teachers pay teachers

Instructional Strategies

Monday-Introduce Central America & the Caribbean by exploring nations on the chromebook.  Create a voc list for the chapter for section 1

Tuesday- Section 1-complete study guide on section 1

Wednesday- Section 1 review. Complete Facts About  Read, discuss, & take notes

Add section 2 voc to drive. Read, discuss, & take notes

Thursday-Sort fruit OR  Read, discuss, & take notes on section 2. Complete physical features crossword


Friday-Section 2 review.  Add section 3 voc to drive. Read, discuss, & take notes


Monday- Section 3 review.  Add section 4 voc to drive. Read, discuss, & take notes


Tuesday- Section 4 review

Wednesday- Chapter 4 review

Thursday-  Fruit oR review

Friday- Chapter 4 test


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