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Mrs. Roedel's High 5 Classroom Rules

I believe that classroom expectations should be straightforward and easy to remember.  My class will learn "Mrs. Roedel's High 5 Expectations.  We will practice these daily, and learn together what they mean in the context of English Class.  This is how it works:  After we have recited the expectations together at the beginning of class using our "high 5 hands," I will guide students' behavior by holding up my finger to show which number they need to adjust.  For example, if a student is not showing respect to another student, I will address the issue and hold up the number three. If a student is not engaged in learning, I will address the issue and hold up  the number two, and so on.  The idea is that learning time will not be disrupted, and that I will be able to use these clues while continuing with the lesson.  Of course if students are focused and attentive to the expectations, they will get a "High 5" from me when exiting class for the day.


I encourage you to practice these 5 simple expectations with your student at home!