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8th Grade 1st Nine Weeks

Mrs. Shelton

Lesson Plans for 1st Nine Weeks

8th Grade Resource Math

During the first nine weeks, my 8th-grade students will be working toward mastery of the following skills.  

Each student has a binder with the material they need to work on, a sheet for them to use as a pacing guide for the nine weeks and to keep track of their grades for my class.

I will be walking around from student to student helping them with anything they may not understand. I will grade each problem they do. If they do not make at least a 60% on any one topic unit, they will have the opportunity to redo the problems and bring up their grade.

Each day, my students will also have a quote of inspiration to write into their composition notebook. 

At the end of each nine weeks, there will be a summative test for them to show me how much they learned and/or can do on their own.

Unit 1 - Order of Operations

Unit 2 - Write and Interpret Expressions

Unit 3 - Patterns and Ordered Pairs

Unit 4 - Decimal Place Value

Unit 5 - Powers of 10

Unit 6 - Compare Decimals

Unit 7 - Round Decimals

Unit 8 - Multiply Whole Numbers

Unit 9 - Divide by a One-Digit Divisor

Unit 10 - Divide by a Two-Digit Divisor

Unit 11 - Add and Subtract Decimals

Unit 12 - Multiply Decimals

Unit 13 - Divide Decimals

Unit 14 - Add Fractions

Unit 15 - Subtract Fractions

Unit 16 - Multiply Whole Numbers and Fractions

Unit 17 - Multiply Fractions

Unit 18 - Multiply Mixed Numbers

Unit 19 - Divide Whole Numbers and Fractions

Unit 20 - Convert Among Metric Units

Unit 21 - Convert Among Customary Units

Unit 22 - Use Measurement Data

Unit 23 - Understand Volume

Unit 24 - Find Volume

Unit 25 - Locate Points on the Coordinate Plane

Unit 26 - Graph Points on the Coordinate Plane

Unit 27 - Classify Polygons

Test - CCSS.5

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