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Lesson plans


Name   Department Glover   Subject Physical Education __


For the week beginning November 02,2015 and ending November 13, 2015___





PEL.2.7.1 Execute more advanced musculoskeletal techniques of movement necessary to perform a variety of activities

PEL.2.7.2 Examine spatial awareness while performing a variety of physical activities

PEL.2.7.3 Practice and refine the sequences of rolling, balance, and weight transfer

demonstrating smooth transition

PEL.2.7.5 Exhibit appropriate rules and strategies for competition in individual, dual, team, and recreational sports and activities


Task Analysis: Students will learn the skills necessary to play action ball in teams.



  1. Teach the rules of action ball
  • Balls are placed in the center of the court (4 balls)
  • When whistle blows both teams run to get a ball
  • When a player gets a ball he/she must run to his/her back wall and touch it before throwing
  • When throwing the ball at the other team members, players cannot cross the opposite 3 pt. line
  • The object is to hit the opposing team members thereby putting that member out of the game
  • If the ball is caught, the team member who threw the ball is out of the game
  • When a ball is caught it allows the members who were previously out of the game the opportunity to get back into the game.
  • The play continues until only one person remains.
  • No hits above the chest.
  • Hits to the head will result in the thrower having to sit out of the play for the day and possibly longer for repeated offenses.


Skills required for play:

  • Overhand throwing
  • Catching
  • Running
  • Dodging


Secondary benefits of the game:

  • Cardio
  • Agility
  • Eye-hand coordination







Activities/Materials & Resources:

  • 4 balls



SPED students are allowed to play according to their modifications


(attached w/rubric)

□ Writing(open response/essay/other

□Multiple Choice


□Group Activity



□Released test item(s)

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