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December Lesson Plans

Daily Lesson Plan

MMS Mathematics


Teacher Name: Kathy Looper  

Course: Personal information, Reading, Science, History, Daily Living.  Community Helper’s and Fall Units.

Day and Date

Monday, December 1-18, 2015  3 weeks.

yObjectives and Standards

Students will become independent as they possibly can. Students will learn who the Community Helper is and How they help our community? We will learn about the different types of weather we have in winter and temperature changes. In Social Studies we will study about different types of Winter Holidays around the world. Daily Living we are studying menus and recipes. Working on cookbook for parents. Math we are learning place value ones, tens, and hundreds, addition and subtraction. Reading we are working on Winter stories from reading A-z at different levels. Kindergarten and first grade level.

Essential questions;1. What is our daily information and calendar information? 

2. what is the place value in math hundred, tens, and ones,

3. Science- Different Winter precipitation.

4. Daily Living- Menu words and recipes for parents cook book.

5. Social Studies- Holiday in December in America/ Santa

6Learn to pick up after ourselves and help one another.

Common core L.6.6 Acquire and use words accurately and grade appropriate as possible.

Success Statement

I can answer the above essential questions and become independent as I grow and learn.


Class work, independent oral questions, grades, and class room observation of daily life.


I am using the Reading A-Z program, ABC Mouse program, Vocabulary A-Z, PCI Reading program,  Functional word series Grocery Words Various work books for Math place value and dollars and cents, winter holidays around the world information, Smart board, Computer, and you tube information, also Library as necessary. Reading A-z. Vocabulary A-Z , and teacher’s individual books(What’s the weather by Scholastic book, Four Seasons for Little People,  Winter, Winter Holidays, Winter precipitation, Christmas Eve., Mrs. Looper’s Christmas books from home.

Instructional Strategies

Warm-Up (bellringer): Calendar information on board. We wait until our students finish with breakfast. Reading students go over daily information before it is discussed and see if the calendar information needs changing or not. I do not always change it specifically for this purpose. Daily Living/ Students Will review daily living words and see if they recognize them. Chores/ clean desk pick up trash etc…,

Science/ Watch video you tube and Reading A-z for winter precipitation, and watch weather at noon daily. We will watch weather and winter related materials. History answer question of winter Holidays around the world. .   Discuss topic.



Model: Teacher Models how to go over calendar information on Monday and as necessary. Students then take turns modeling throughout the day and week answering these questions.  Teacher models the information as needed and then assists students to be instructors as well. Examples of the math problems will be on the board. 



Guided Practice/Strategies: Teacher guides students through the process of asking the class what the daily information is. Teacher led over various subjects daily.



Independent Practice:  Students will practice throughout the week on daily information. To gain independent knowledge of daily information. Grades will be given for participation and for individual achievement. A book with what work will be done has been given to Mrs. Keeney As units and reading material changes the information will be changed. New lesson will be done.



Closing: Today we went over the following items or things. Calendar, daily living, Science/Winter precipitation and weather (Clothes etc…) Social Studies We are discussing Holidays around the world.. Reading we are discussing different winter stories, Math we are talking about place value, Menu words in daily living and recipes for our recipe books.


Additional Practice (homework):




Interdisciplinary Items Included

In our morning work we discuss Science questions as well as daily living.

In daily living we go over words and students practice reading skills as well as writing. We will discuss menu words and personal information.

Estimated Time for Unit

Winter unit will extend into January and we will also discuss presidents in January.

Additional Notes

I will also incorporate centers for Math and reading. We will look up and do various smart board activities.   


Kathy Looper

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