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Tai Nishiuchi


I’m glad to be back at school and I hope everyone enjoyed their break and got lots of rest.  We are hitting the ground running this semester and it’s going to be an awesome experience!


7th and 8th grade.

This semester we will be experimenting with a project called “Super Better”.  I highly recommend watching the ted-talk on this if you have not seen it.  This is a good way to get students engaged in character building and it improves classroom management in the first few minutes of class.  Instructions on your Super Better profile are in your drive.


7th grade

We are going to be learning about Asia for our next unit.  You will need to be able to locate all of the countries on a map and match their capital to each corresponding country.  The tentative test date for Asia is Jan. 27th so start studying now.  The study games are shared with you in your drive.


8th grade

Arkansas History is beginning.  We will be starting with a fun little mini-unit discussing different haunted areas of Arkansas.  We will then move on to discuss different areas in Arkansas and the Arkansas Economy.  Our first major unit will be on Arkansas: From Civil War to Civil Rights.  This will be our first major assessment.  !!Pre AP!!  YOU WILL HAVE AN OPEN RESPONSE TEST ON THIS SUBJECT BUT WILL NOT BE GIVEN A STUDY GUIDE SO BE PREPARED.  We will get lots of practice between now and then on writing and analyzing presented information.

Tai Nishiuchi

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