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Carrie Roedel

Welcome parents and students to the 2018 – 2019 school year!  This year we will continue to focus on reading, language, and writing skills.  It is my desire that every student learn and grow in an environment that they feel welcomed as well as challenged.  I believe that every child lives up to the expectations that are placed on them, so I have high expectations and will see to it that they are given opportunities to succeed in academics as well as in personal goals.

We will set goals and succcess criteria together and reach our goals together.  We will acheive our goals by reading novels, short stories, poetry, graphic novels, and dramas that have literary merit. Your student will be encouraged to read and to RE-READ content in order to be able to recognize and discuss literal and figurative language.  Citing textual evidenceto support analysis  will be KEY this year!

We will work individually and as as in teams.  I place high value on students teaching each other and learning together.  Because I feel that academics are only part of the learning that happens in the classroom, students will be expected to show respect and have patience with one another – their character matters.

Each student has the priviledge of being able to use technology daily, and many of our lessons will consist of exploring and researching a variety of places and topics.  Each day students will start in Google Classroom and jump into the world around us. These are exciting times indeed.

Please feel free to contact me with any issues that you are aware of.  

It is my honor and priviledge to partner with you in your child’s education.


Carrie Finnegan

MMS English Teacher



Carrie Roedel

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